The ruins of Castle Kennedy

Castle Kennedy Garden Visit

We are always looking for lovely new gardens to visit. Earlier this week, we spent a lovely day in Castle Kennedy Garden just outside Stranraer. The weather in Scotland hasn’t been of the highest quality of late but thankfully we arranged for some good weather to be delivered for our visit!…Read More

Allanwater Herald August 2012

Allanwater Herald

Bridge of Allan Community Council apply for funding to turn Vialii’s design for Provost’s Park into reality.

The beautiful Primula vialii

It’s All In A Name

We are regularly asked how we came up with the name Vialii Garden Design. Some people think it’s our surname (we were tempted to change our names by deed poll as it sounds a lot more glamorous than Burt!) but the real reason is simple – it’s the name of one…Read More

Cool pencil fence

How To Build A Fence…

Having a good, sturdy fence is very important. It provides security as well as privacy, a key requirement of many of our clients. It can give a great backdrop to planting and other garden features. Or it can be a great feature in its own right. How cool is this…Read More

Our shed with its green roof

The Green Roof Project…

From the outset we knew we needed a shed in our garden. Our garage is already burgeoning so some further storage was desperately required. We also knew that the shed would have to have a green roof. We don’t have a large garden but we try and make as best…Read More

Problem corner: a sloping area with lots of roots and old bricks

Problem Corner…

A lot of garden design is about solving problems. The problems can be very subtle, like determining the best planting solution for a particular patch of the garden, or the problems can be pretty bloomin’ in-yer-face. This blog summarises a recent small ‘problem corner’ that we had been asked to rectify. The problem wasn’t…Read More

The new design for Provost Park

Provost Park Design Approved

The Bridge of Allan Community Council have unanimously approved Vialii’s design for Provost Park in the heart of the village. After over a year of discussions and meetings the plans are now ready for Stirling Council and the daunting task of fund raising. But how did we get involved and get to…Read More

Jill and I on our wedding day, in our garden of course!

How We Got To Where We Are – Part 2

In February 2011 I wrote a blog post detailing how we got to where we are here at Vialii Garden Design. The post was getting a bit lengthy so I opted to round the post off and promised to follow up with Part 2. A mere 10 months later Part 2 is…Read More

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