Pyracantha with a snow halo

Winter Garden – A Feast For The Senses

When Jack Frost is decorating your windows it can be tempting to stay inside and not venture into your winter garden. However well designed and carefully planted gardens are a sensory feast in winter time. Hopefully these examples will entice you (and some wildlife) into your garden during the winter months. Sense of Sight In winter, structures…Read More

A real Christmas tree

Christmas Trees Vialii Style

  Real Christmas trees are available form a range of suppliers now.  At Vialii Towers we much prefer them to artificial ones. Some people may argue that an artificial tree is better for the environment as you can use it for many years, but there is still a huge impact on…Read More

Bofa Times Winter 2014

Bridge of Allan Times

An article on the official opening of Provost’s Park which Vialii designed and which was opened by our very own Lulu.  

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