Christmas gift

Coolest Garden Gifts For Christmas 2015

We know what little time you have, so we have done all the hard work for you and collated the MUST HAVE list of the coolest things for your garden to give you ideas for gifts for Christmas 2015. You will be very popular if you give someone these Christmas…Read More


Kiss My Grass!

As winter approaches we are always thinking of ways of ensuring our garden to continues to look fabulous, even if the show stopping herbaceous flowers may have lost their bloom. One of our favourite plants to include in our garden designs are grasses which look wonderful all year round but look almost magical…Read More

The amazing topiary at Levens Hall Gardens

Garden Visit: Leven’s Hall, Lake District

It’s been a busy old summer at Vialii Towers but we managed to sneak away for a couple of weeks holiday. We visited Northumberland in our first week and Lulu had a ball doing the Fairytale Treasure Trail at Alnwick Gardens. We headed west-ward for week two and finally made…Read More

Phase 2 pf a garden build

It’s Only A Phase!

Clients commonly ask us if it is OK if they can phase their garden build. We ensure there is complete flexibility with all our designs and how they are built. If it’s something you are considering read our blog about the benefits and downsides to this approach. Sometimes it’s not possible…Read More

Coughton Court's Rose Labyrinth

Gardens Scent From Heaven

The Perfumer’s Garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show got us thinking about how flower scents are often by-product of a garden design client’s wish list.  But what if you wish to make them a main focus? How can you utilise plants with a strong scent to create a garden (or…Read More

The 25 Verde building in Turin

Climbing The Walls! A Guide To Vertical Gardening

We normally write about gardening on the ground, we have been known to write about gardening on roofs, but this time we thought we’d write about gardening on walls! If you’re struggling to find growing space in a smaller garden or wish you could grow something in your paved patio or…Read More

A log fence

Don’t Sit On The Fence

You may think fences are boring and not an important element of your garden. However, you would be wrong! There are lots of benefits of a good fence from creating a boundary and keeping your garden secure to creating a beautiful backdrop and being a design feature in itself. Here…Read More

Jo Thompson's garden

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Review

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 has passed in a whirlwind (helped by the strong winds in the run-up to the show!) For those of us not lucky enough to get along in person, here is a summary of the highlights, winners and trends we might want to incorporate back home in…Read More

Bee friendly plants

Take A Walk On The Wild Side…

Do you fancy being a wildlife warden in your own nature reserve?  If you go about creating a wildlife garden correctly (and not just leaving a bit of your garden to go wild) you will be rewarded with countless visits by new birds, insects, animals and amphibians. You might even…Read More

Stirling News May 2015

Stirling News

It’s not just gardens that we are talented at designing, we can design new ice-creams too!  

Meccano chairs

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The good summers we’ve experienced recently means we’ve seen an increase in requests from clients to incorporate comfortable areas for outdoor seating and entertaining. That’s meant we’ve been drooling over some great designs for garden seats.  As this week is National Gardening Week (13th-19th April) we thought we’d help you get comfortable to…Read More

Newly laid turf can help transform your garden

Not a Turf Job…

There is plenty of choice for creating a new lawn in your garden, from grass seed or meadow grass to turf or artificial grass. By far the most common choice from our clients is the instant result you get from laying new turf. Here are a few tips if you…Read More

Plant Snapp

The Latest Gardening Gear, Gizmos and Apps

With a new season upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a look at items that can make your time in the garden more efficient, more comfortable or (importantly!) more stylish. From potentially spying on hitchhiking weasels to using NASA inspired technology, here’s what garden gadgets and gear…Read More

Birmingham library

The Roof’s Not The Limit!

It’s not too often we encounter keen gardeners who think their garden is too big.  Once the gardening bug bites we’re always looking for more space in which to fit some home grown produce, new gadgets, a gorgeous new plant or focal point or simply to add colour and scent…Read More

The youngest Vialii team members

Vialii Review of 2014…

The recent cold weather has given us plenty time to stay nice and warm inside and think over what a year 2014 was (aided by a cuppa or two!) Here is our Vialii Review of 2014 and what 2014 was the year of to us… The year of even more up-cycling You know…Read More

Simple and effective planter/garden lighting

Go Green Week

Go Green Week is an annual event that raises awareness within schools, colleges and universities of our effects on climate change. The 2015 event is being held 9-15th February and gives us the excuse to blog on one of our favourite topics, up-cycling. It is amazing just what you can create…Read More

Garden rooms

Top Garden Trends for 2015

A new year often prompts us to think about the changes we’d like to make in our life and our gardens. Here we give you the top garden trends for 2015 that we think will have an impact on our green spaces. And we start with a quick quiz. Who knows what this top…Read More

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