Vintage brick patio

Fancy Paths! – Intricate Paving Ideas For Your Garden

For many clients, a beautiful natural stone path fits perfectly in their garden. But for others, they want something a little different. Here are a few ideas if you are looking for inspiration for an alternative path or an intricate paving in your garden… This garden features a mix of…Read More

A happy Flynn in the garden

Dog Friendly Gardens, What To Consider…

It’s not just bark of the decorative variety that we need to consider in the gardens we design, it’s very often our clients’ prized pooches we need to incorporate. So what do we need to consider in dog friendly gardens? Well here are some of our top tips… Keeping your…Read More

Bridge of Allan Times Winter 2010

Love Local Mag

We were asked to contribute an article to Love Local Mag giving all the great reasons “why we should get outdoors…”

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