Start chitting your potatoes

Gardening During Lockdown – Week 1

As the first, bizarre, unsettling week of lockdown due to coronavirus comes to an end, we have collated some of the things we have done in our garden during the last week. With who knows how many weeks to come, there will likely be plenty of time to undertake those…Read More

Set up a good work station. Maybe don't have a dog on your knee though, reduces productivity somewhat!

The Vialii Guide To Working From Home

In these extraordinary times, more and more people are finding themselves working from home. “Indoor Vialii” have been largely working from home for years so we reckon we are pretty skilled on that front. So here is the Vialii guide to working from home so you can weather the storm…Read More

The box caterpillar is the #1 most common pest the RHS received calls about

Vialii Guide To Top Garden Pests And Diseases

Gardening is well known for being good for the heart and soul. But when garden pests and diseases start to shoulder in uninvited it can get those stress levels rising again! In this Vialii guide we share some pests and diseases to watch out for in the season ahead… This…Read More

Fennel seedheads in frost

The Glory of Seedheads

We are great advocates for the glory of seedheads in gardens. They provide interest and structure in the winter garden as well as being important for wildlife. Birds will eke out the seeds whilst insects, and their eggs and larvae, will hide amongst the stems and seed heads and shelter…Read More

We created this wonderful oasis in a corner of a city garden

Vialii Garden Trends for 2020

We all know that gardening is not just for the retired. Trend setters everywhere are looking to create their own cool places to relax outdoors. They want to have their own home allotments to grow organic, healthy veg and do their bit for the environment. You can do that AND…Read More

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