Fancy Paths! – Intricate Paving Ideas For Your Garden

Monday, 28 March 2016

For many clients, a beautiful natural stone path fits perfectly in their garden. But for others, they want something a little different. Here are a few ideas if you are looking for inspiration for an alternative path or an intricate paving in your garden…

This garden features a mix of different paving types from herringbone patterns in vintage bricks to sandstone paving with brick edging. There are even “diamonds” of gravel and artificial grass to add interest to this narrow space too:

Herringbone path and diamond paving is intricate paving

Herringbone paths lead between diamonds of paving in this garden

A simple way to add interest is to add some setts into the paved patio. Let your imagination go wild with squares, lines, whatever way you want to make your patio unique and add some intricate paving to your garden:

Setts used as intricate paving

Adding sections of stone setts to a patio can add interest

This very intricate paving is inspired by a Chinese style and will certainly set you apart from the neighbours. Incredibly labour intensive but the finished effect makes it worthwhile:

Chinese style intricate paving

This intricate paving is typical of a Chinese garden

We designed and built this wonderful oasis in Edinburgh. The vintage bricks were used to create a patio and water feature as well as edging the gravel path. A wonderful place to sit and relax:

Vintage brick patio

Vintage bricks can be used to create a lovely patio and water feature

Using cobbles is a great way to add some intricate paving to your garden. Use planting to break up the paved area too and add another texture to the garden:

Cobbles and planting in paving

Breaking up paving with sections of cobbles/planting can be effective

Mosaics have to be the King of intricate paving. A labour of love and one which will be very personal to you:

Mosaics can be intricate paving choice

Adding a section of mosaics into a path can add interest

Crazy paving has a bad reputation but we don’t think it should be banished to the 80s. Done well it is a great addition to any garden:

Crazy paving can be an alternative solution

Crazy paving doesn’t need to be banished to the 80s

Pebbles and pavers used together can create a wonderful pattern, which looks wonderful in this formal setting:

Pebbles and pavers look great

Pebbles and pavers suit this formal garden

There are a lot of finishes, patterns and colours going on in this courtyard garden but they all work together to create a harmonious finish:

Courtyard garden

There’s a lot going on in this courtyard garden but the colours and shapes work beautifully together

Large stones and mosaics can create the most intricate of paving and a truly unique path to your front door:

Mosaics combined with large stones can look good

Mosaics combined with large stones can look good

If you are looking for a budget option you can do yourself, use up those off-cuts of timbers to create a unique garden path:

Wooden path, intricate and low budget

Left over wood can make an effective path


If you are inspired to add some pizzazz to your paving then please get in touch.

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