Upcycled Pallet Staircase

Friday, 17 January 2014

We love the scale and ambition of this upcycled pallet staircase project by Les Pas Perdu where they have transformed an old French mining village by the installation of an 8m high staircase made entirely out of timber pallets.

An upcycled pallet staircase!

Extreme Pallet upcycling!

It’s quite humbling to see someone taking the time and effort to make something so beautiful and useful out of something as simple as an old pallet. It’s truly a work of art and a unique staircase, worthy of any home.

We’re always looking for projects and ideas for upcycling our pallets that we have left over from our garden builds but we fear an upcycled pallet staircase might be a step too far. You never know though, we do have a house extension on the horizon and a staircase like this would be worthy of being on Grand Designs! What next, a pallet house?

Speak soon,

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