Unlucky For Some

Friday, 13 April 2018

It’s Friday the 13th and for those who are superstitious it’s a day for hiding indoors. We all know the most common superstitions such as “don’t walk under a ladder” or “a broken mirror will bring bad luck” but did you know that these plants are said to be unlucky for some…


Dandelions are a common sight in gardens and children love to blow their “clocks”. But did you know that superstition says that bringing dandelions into the house can cause you to wet the bed! It may be because their leaves can be a diaretic if you eat too many. Find out more about the dandelion in our Weedipedia.


The Hawthorn is said to be unlucky. It may be due to its blossom being linked to Pagan festivals in the past and thus being forbidden by the Christian church.

May blossom: unlucky for some

May blossom: unlucky for some


Ajuga is a ground cover plant with pretty blue flowers in spring or summer. Yet this simple little flower is said to cause a fire if taken into a house!

Rowan Tree

It’s not unlucky to have a rowan tree as they are said to ward off witches. But remove or damage one at your peril…

Removing a rowan tree may bring bad luck

Removing a rowan tree may bring bad luck

Fruit tree blossom

It was considered unlucky to take the blossom from any fruit tree in to the house and to be honest we understand this one as by picking blossom you will end up with less fruit on your tree. Back in the days when you relied on growing your own food this would be a big deal.

White flowers

Plants with white flowers in general are frequently considered unlucky plants and are commonly thought that they bring death.

White flowers are said to be bad luck

White flowers are said to be bad luck

We hope your Friday 13th bucks tradition and is full of luck. Next time maybe pick up that penny just to be sure!


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